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As a leading global manufacturer of crushing,cutting acme threads, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of minerals.

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In the past 30 years, we devote to producing mining equipments, sand making machines and industrial grinding mills.

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  • Cutting Acme Screw Threads... - Machines & Machining ...

    I have to cut a 2-4 Acme screw thread on a shaft and make 2 mating nuts to match. I made a go gauge so that as soon as the go gauge is able to fit into the nut

  • Tips for cutting internal ACME threads? - SilencerTalk

    All of the tutorials I can find for ACME threads are for external threads. I want to make an adapter that fits onto my many YHM QD mounts. I found here, and measured my own mounts that the thread pattern is 8TPI with a major diameter of 1.030 inches and a thread depth of 0.045".

  • Acme Thread Hexagon Rethreading Dies - ICS Cutting Tools

    Acme Thread Hexagon Rethreading Dies are of heavy duty construction for rethreading the broad, square threads on acme threaded rods and studs. They are used for general purpose acme threads with a class 2C

  • Cutting Acme threads | The Hobby-Machinist Forums

    I have to cut some external Acme threads, 5 per inch. I have cut threads before, but never Acme. Do I just go straight in with the cross feed or in at a...

  • Cutting ACME threads : Machinists - reddit

    Hey everyone, I have a question on cutting ACME threads, or any threads in particular. On most drawings, we indicate a lead in angle of 15 degrees...

  • Screw Thread Cutting | Smithy - Detroit Machine Tools

    Set up the lathe for thread cutting as in the preceding paragraphs on screw thread cutting, ... The remainder of the Acme thread-cutting operation is the same as the ...

  • Thread Mills – Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc.

    Single profile thread mills that cut external UNJ threads in a range of thread sizes with minimum side ... Acme thread mills come in both acme and stub acme ...

  • Cutting internal threads on the lathe | Firearms Designer

    Cutting ACME and other square-ish Threads ... Cut a thread relief the depth of the thread at the back of the hole. If the part allows it, ...

  • Threads and Threading

    THREADS AND THREADING ACME SCREW THREADS 1825 General Purpose Acme Threads 1825 Acme Thread Form ... cutting and adjustment of the Acme thread. V-Thread, ...

  • cutting acme threads

    Standard gauge for grinding and setting tools when cutting Acme threads. RIDGID 70835 Thread Cutting Oil, 1 Gallon of Nu-Clear Pipe Threading Oil. by Ridgid.

  • Toll Free: Acme - The Transversal Motion Thread

    Acme - The Transversal Motion Thread General Purpose With clearance on all diameters for free movement, general purpose Acmes are used for a wide variety of

  • How Cut a Female Acme Thread? - The Home Machinist!

    i haven't single pointed an internal acme thread but a 5/8 internal that is 1.75 long sounds dang near impossible. The acme thread cutting tool, because of the width of cut, undergoes a lot of cutting force and at that length, it is a long of over hang on a spindly boring bar.

  • Cutting Wooden Threads « Full Chisel Blog

    There are two ways to go, the first is to buy a set of wooden thread cutting tools or you can make your own. ... Cutting Wooden Threads « Full Chisel BlogJan 26, ...

  • Cutting ACME and other square-ish Threads | Firearms Designer

    In this exercise we will make a 2-10 Acme threaded rod. This is a practical size for use in a number of projects, so the result may be useful to you.

  • Thread Cutting Values Calculator | American Machinist

    This Thread Cutting Values calculator gives you important values needed to cut four common thread forms: Unified National (UN), Acme, Stub Acme, and National Pipe Thread (NPT). To get the Thread Helix Angle, enter the Threads per inch and Thread Diameter in inches, click "Calculate," and see the ...

  • Cutting Acme Threads - Landis

    The Landis system for cutting Acme threads provides the greatest latitude in tool operation and the surest method for cutting Acme threads, compared to other methods.

  • Trapezoidal thread form - Wikipedia

    The Acme thread form has a 29° thread angle with a thread height half of the pitch; the apex (or crest) and valley (or root) are flat.This shape is easier to machine (faster cutting, longer tool life) than is a square thread.

  • ACME Thread Cutting - YouTube

    Sep 07, 2014 · Single and double lead ACME thread cutting on the lathe

  • MACHINE SHOP TIPS #24 Acme Threading Part 1 tubalcain - YouTube

    Jan 25, 2011 · This is part 1 of a 2 part series on cutting an external acme thread on the Clausing lathe. This part covers tool geometry.

  • Precision Custom Threading - Solon, OH - Jerpbak-Bayless

    Precision Custom Threading at ... Our equipment inventory includes a variety of thread cutting ... We routinely cut acme, square, and trapezoidal threads as well ...

  • acme thread cutting | eBay

    Find great deals on eBay for acme thread cutting. Shop with confidence.

  • Cutting Acme threads. | The Hobby-Machinist Forums

    Im cutting a 1/2 - 10 tpi acme thread that will elevate the torch on a cnc table Im building . When I ground the cutter I got the tip width a little wide...

  • 1936 - How to Cut Screw Threads - WEWilliams - index

    he cutting tool is ground to the sh cut, that is Acme, square, etc. The justing the cross slide. Either right hand or left hand threads required ior

  • Cutting ACME threads - The Home Machinist! - chaski

    Most all of the major manuf of inserts make them for acme threads. I just finished cutting an acme of the same size for my 2 piece milling vise, and did it with HSS toolbits.

  • Threading On A Lathe : Modern Machine Shop

    Threading On A Lathe. ... but cutting forces are high. ... This method is usually only used for very large pitches and for such thread forms as Acme and Trapeze.